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2018 Wedding Trends


With the latter half of the year upon us, many brides will be starting the countdown to their 2018 wedding.

Whilst weddings will always have those classic, traditional elements, there will also be new trends to take on board when planning your big day. We’re looking forward to some of our favourite 2018 trends:

Bold Florals

Whilst a lot of wedding colour palettes are traditionally ethereal and romantic, typically opting for muted down colours, 2018 trends are telling us ‘the bolder, the better!’. Bride’s will be adding a pop of brightness to their bouquets to give it a modern twist.

For Spring, we’re loving the addition of bright blues and purples, whereas Summer opens up to a palette of hot fuchsia pinks. As the weather turns cooler, Autumn bouquets will see pops of canary yellow and burnt oranges, and winter will see icy whites brightening up the floral arrangements.


In terms of venues and decor, 2018 will see a surge in see-through designs. Think glasshouses and light, airy spaces; table plans written on Perspex, and tracing paper. This trend is great for those who are opting for a minimalistic vibe with clean lines and stripped back decor; all of our venues are a great blank canvas to take on the transparency trend; with this, you can let the venue do all of the talking.

Stripping Back Traditions

More so than ever, couples are stripping back wedding traditions and curating a day that totally encapsulates them. Whether it’s cutting down the guest list in favour of a small, intimate affair, or opting for fish and chips as opposed to your 3-course dinner, or even throwing in a games hour to give your guests a bit of fun after the ceremony. At Honeysuckle & Castle, we really want to create a day that is perfect for you, whatever that might be!

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